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As a company, we are committed to producing REAL tires at affordable prices.  So, what is a REAL tire?  In our opinion, that is a product which is engineered, tested and stood behind by the brand.  Many of the new low cost factories in the world produce sub-par quality products that are simply a nicely drawn tread pattern dropped on top of a pirated carcass with a generic tread compound.  They will agree to make the speed and load index whatever the customer requests.  UTQG ratings are again applied as if just meaningless letters.  While they are (mostly) round and black, the difference between these and a well engineered tire is vast.  If you are aware of these differences, would you really pick the lesser tire just to save a few percent on the initial purchase?
Atturo AZ800

The AZ800 is a performance tire for SUV, Cross Over and sport truck applications.  Available in both OE and plus size fitments, the AZ800 offers true performance within reach.
Atturo Trail Blade

Trail Blade M/T Trail Blade A/T

Trail Blade M/T

Trail Blade A/T

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Atturo Tire
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