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Atturo is one of the world’s newest ultra high performance brands. The Atturo brand was developed to create a premium quality, yet affordable performance tire. Atturo brings true performance within reach of the consumer.

The performance segment has seen new sizes, especially staggered fitments, reserved to either the largest major manufacturers or being copied by low quality producers. Atturo will fit in the middle of the price range without sacrificing the quality demanded by the performance tire buyer. Atturo tires are manufactured in Taiwan to the highest global standards. We are focused on developing the sizes demanded of a niche market for specialty and staggered fitments. We do not expect to be the lowest cost brand on the market, but we will be competitive for a quality product in key sizes.

As a company, we are committed to producing REAL tires at affordable prices.  So, what is a REAL tire?  In our opinion, that is a product which is engineered, tested and stood behind by the brand.  Many of the new low cost factories in the world produce sub-par quality products that are simply a nicely drawn tread pattern dropped on top of a pirated carcass with a generic tread compound.  They will agree to make the speed and load index whatever the customer requests.  UTQG ratings are again applied as if just meaningless letters.  While they are (mostly) round and black, the difference between these and a well engineered tire is vast.  If you are aware of these differences, would you really pick the lesser tire just to save a few percent on the initial purcahse?

The Atturo AZ800 is produced by Federal in Taiwan. Compared to a Chinese tire, the material, workmanship and design are far superior. We offer a 3 year warranty on material and workmanship defects.  The niche size range is SUV focused and divided into 2 segments.

First, you have the OE replacement sizes. Atturo offers staggered fitments of 255/50R19 & 285/45R19 and 275/40R20 & 315/35R20. We have the most competitive product in these sizes with the proper speed/load range. Some other OE sizes of strength have been 275/60R20, 265/50R20, 275/45R20 and our new 255/55R19 & 275/45R19.

The 22-24” sizes are plus size aftermarket fitments. The 285/35R22 & 295/30R22 are primarily for European plus fitments and have had good success since those buyers typically do not want Chinese tires. All of these sizes are going to be a slight up-sell for a typical shop over the no-name Chinese. As a niche brand, we do not expect it to work for every dealer. Those dealers that have a common practice of offering a range of tire options with their wheel sales should have an easy time of selling Atturo for only a few dollars more than no-name Chinese. Both they and their customers will be rewarded with a better product and fewer complaints.

Only the finest materials with state of the art manufacturing go into an Atturo. The very first of the line is the Az800 for cross over, SUV and sport truck fitments. More sizes and models will follow soon – all fulfilling the Atturo promise of Performance Within Reach!

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Atturo Tire
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